Hey, just thought you’d want to know that the interview is paying off. Well worth the time and investment. It was definitely time well spent. People are using it and signing up new PiP members as a result. A couple of my leaders brought on other leaders they were trying to get but couldn’t quite get their attention until they showed them the interview. Thank you for persisting and helping me pull this off. I am proud to call you my friend. Talk to you soon.

Rodney Brace
CEO of Hyphen Tech Inc.

Shawn Dorrough
“Wow… what can I say about Bobby D and my opportunity to be interviewed on Good Life Discovery. The experience was second to none and I would recommend this platform for any business ready to expand their reach.

I’ve been interviewed numerous times and I have to say this one was right up there at the top! Bobby D is a professional, he took his time not only getting to know more about me, my message and my business, but he was very accommodating to the point where he made last minute adjustments for my benefit.

I’ve already received so much positive feedback on the interview and I look forward to capitalizing on their great work. Good Life Discovery and the work of Bobby D far surpassed my expectations and they definitely over delivered!”

Shawn Dorrough

Pastor Mel Keyes“I want to personally thank H John Mejia and Bobby D for allowing me to discover why “Good Life” is doing BIG THINGS. Bobby D clearly allows his light to shine for his customers in a major way throughout the entire experience [pre, during & post] of his interviews. He makes his dynamic program “The Good Life Discovery,” one of the highest professional qualities.

His professionalism, preparation and personal passion made the entire process something that causes one word to come to my mind: EXCELLENCE. Take the opportunity to be interviewed on Good Life Discovery; do YOURSELF a HUGE favor and JUMP on it!!!”

Pastor Mel Keyes
Your Vision Locksmith Coach,
For Unlocking The Awesome & Amazing Dream Trapped Within The Average Person In Ministry, Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Hellmut Wolf“This was great fun to appear on Good Life Discovery and work with Bobby D! Bobby made me feel at ease and it was easy to share what’s happening for me and what we are doing with our label and artists. Thank you Bobby I am looking forward to do it again!!”

Hellmut Wolf
Founder and Director

Moon Chylde“I could not be more pleased and excited about my socialmercial with the Good Life Discovery online show and their amazing host, Bobby Dignard.

Surprisingly, I was able to do everything from my iPad. Yes! Even the actual interview! Bobby made sure everything went smoothly for me. It never really felt like an interview, but rather two friends talking about my life and my music. Thanks to Bobby, I was totally relaxed and enjoyed the entire process.

Once we were done with the interview I couldn’t believe how quickly my video was ready. The end result was Fantastic!! The quality of the sound and the video footage was perfect. Once my brand new music cd and music video releases, I will be ready to schedule another one.

Thank you Good Life Discovery and Host Bobby Dignard for allowing me to totally trust you with my story and my product which is my music. I am thoroughly pleased!!

TMG Recording Artist MoonChylde

Reinerson“Working with Bobby Dignard for Good Life Discovery has been a breeze, all the way from the initial contact through the pre-production talk to the final interview.

I’ve done interviews in the past that’s gone totally astray because of bad research and weird questions, with Bobby D however the only thing I had to do was answer his questions and to follow his lead. I’m very happy with the result.

One very odd or cool thing was one of my friends telling me that he didn’t know all that about me, after watching the interview.

I’ve received only great feedback from it and I’m definitely looking forward to have the chance to do this again.”

Tomas Reinerson
Reinerson Media – reinerson-media.com
Reinerson Music – reinerson-music.com

Derek Damian“I’ve done many interviews in my career but this was smooth and to the point. Internet technologies made it possible to do a VIDEO interview from the comfort of my smart phone. This was definitely a first for me!

Bobby D is a very fun, intelligent, and professional music host DJ who knows how to bring out the best in people!
We had a great time getting the entire show set up. I totally recommend Good Life Discovery Internet Show
if you want a refreshing NEW way to create exposure for yourself.

I am honored to have appeared on Good Life Discovery and delighted with the quality of the show/production.
Good Life Discovery is a great resource and service to assist entrepreneurs and Independent Mainstream Music Artist
with their branding and marketing efforts.

Peace and Tranquility,”

Derek Damian
Independent Record Artists and Producer.

Debbie Petterson“I recently had the opportunity to interview with Bobby at Good Life Discovery and showcase the expertise of me and my business in a fun and engaging way.

Bobby took the time to get to know me, get to know my business and customize our interview questions so that expertise came shining through. He was very thorough at explaining the process, handled all the details and I now have a great promotional product that I can leverage any number of ways. What a great experience and I highly recommend you do this for your business!”

Debbie Peterson
President of Getting to Clarity, LLC